ZP-63 – 65: Sturbridge Collective

The Sturbridge Collective is a group of installations, consisting of three arrays (ZP-63, ZP-64, and ZP-65), situated in Charlton, MA. Collectively, these projects will generate approximately 4,465,000 kWh/year.

ZP-63: Sturbridge Garage

Size (DC): 1.4 MW
Size (AC): 1 MW
kWh/yr: 1,680,000

ZP-64: Sturbridge Barn

Size (DC): 0.7 MW
Size (AC): 0.5 MW
kWh/yr: 925,000

ZP-65: Lily Lane

Size (DC): 1.5 MW
Size (AC): 1 MW
kWh/yr: 1,860,000

Over the course of a year, the Sturbridge Collective will have offset approximately 3,659 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

To put that in perspective, 3,659 tons of CO2 is equivalent to the emissions created from:

consuming 374,000 gallons of gasoline,
burning 3.63 million pounds of coal; or,
driving 8.14 million miles in an average passenger vehicle.

Please note that these estimates are approximate and are not being used for emission inventory or formal carbon footprinting exercises. These estimates were calculated using the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator provided by the EPA in November, 2018.